Year 2022 statistics

Mon 02 January 2023

This year I did a lot of things that some way or the other are considered normal to people, or useless to others. What is useless is registering how often one does such things, and I made it a hobby to make those useless statistics. While I do this on a monthly basis, I think it's best to have a yearly overview as well.

Category #
Books finished 26 of different books: SciFi, technical, other
Bottles of wine opened 137 - this might seem a lot, however this is 2.5 bottles on average each week, and only in the weekend
Episodes watched 461 of all kind of series, also binge-watched some older ones (again) like 'The IT Crowd'
Movies watched 515 of which I saw 280 for the first time
MTB rides 38 times, mostly with my friends, resulting in a staggering 1739.41 kilometers
Concerts visited 4, although this is a strange number, since visited festivals during 4 days, with all kinds of different artists

All the specifics can be found in the monthly statistics.

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