Year 2023 statistics

Tue 02 January 2024

This year I did a lot of things that some way or the other are considered normal to people, or useless to others. What is useless is registering how often one does such things, and I made it a hobby to make those useless statistics. While I do this on a monthly basis, I think it's best to have a yearly overview as well.

Episodes watched

This year I watched a whopping 637 episodes of 65 different series (as opposed to the 461 episodes for 56 different series last year). Somehow I found the time to binge a lot. One of those series was the older "The Man in the High Castle", which were 40 episodes alone.

Movies watched

The number of movies I watched in 2023 were 357, of which 185 movies I never saw before.

Bottles of wine opened

This number is actually lower than the one from previous year (5 bottles, to be exact), 132, probably due to me leaving the drinking of wine almost entirely to my wife for one month.

Riding the MTB

26 Times I rode my bike, which is a bit disappointing (last year I rode 38 times), so this number is something I want to improve for upcoming year.

Books read

The 17 books I read were mostly technical, so for this year I promised myself to read more.

Other stats

In 2023 I tried something new: Kefir. I never had Kefir before, and I read somewhere that this fermented drink would be good for my intestinal flora, so I started drinking one cup a day.

I also visited two festivals (5 days in total, with lots of artists), PinkPop and Parkcity Live, and also went to a concert of Jett Rebel, a Dutch musician.

All the specifics can be found in the monthly statistics.

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